What Is a Chest of Drawers?

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A chest of drawers, also known as a bureau or dresser, is a furniture piece with multiple horizontal drawers. They are usually stacked one on top of the other. These storage units have many uses and can be a great addition to any bedroom or living space. Many people use them to store clothing, linens, and other items.


A decorative chest of drawers can add a touch of class to any home. Often rectangular in shape, they can have beveled corners and be styled with the latest interior design trend: geometric patterns. These patterns are popular in wallpaper, fabrics, and even furniture. They can give the piece an exciting new look and require minimal effort.

To add visual interest to a chest of drawers, place items at different heights. Tall items draw the eye upwards and make the space around them feel taller. For example, you can add a tall vase of slender flowers or a pair of bangles in a corner. The combination of bold and soft textures will create a striking effect in any room.

A chest of drawers is usually used to store folded clothing in bedrooms, but you can also place them anywhere you want. These pieces are great for organizing large closets and serving as a bedside table. They also make excellent storage boxes for toys. You can even purchase media chests to store your TV and media entertainment.

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Decorative chests of drawers can also be used in the kitchen as a bar or kitchen island. You can even add casters or handles for mobility. You can also place a chest of drawers in a foyer, mudroom, laundry room, or porch to de-clutter these spaces. They can also serve as storage boxes for seasonal gear, keys, and mail.


Functional chests of drawers are versatile pieces of furniture that go with any decor. These pieces have plenty of storage for your clothes and extra bedding. The design of these furniture pieces makes them a great choice for small spaces. When you are buying these furniture items, make sure to choose one that is anchored to the wall for added stability.

The design of a chest of drawers is made up of several panels. These panels are made of primary wood and secondary wood. After rough milling, strips of primary wood are glued onto secondary wood panels. The direction of the grain in each panel should match during glue-up and finish-milling.

Traditionally, chests of drawers were used to store folded clothing in bedrooms. Nowadays, they can also be used as bedside tables. They can also help organize large closets. In addition to bedrooms, they can be used in other rooms of the house, such as the guest room. A functional chest of drawers can also serve as a toy box.

Functional chests are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, which you can match with home furniture. You can choose the one that best suits your decor. You can even purchase them online. The key to choosing the right chest is to find a stylish and functional one. If you are looking for a new chest of drawers for your bedroom, there are several different types to choose from.

If you have children, functional chests will be a lifesaver. Children tend to accumulate many books and need a place for each one. If they don’t have a proper place to put them, it can become a real mess. A chest of drawers will keep your children’s things in place and help you keep your home clutter-free.


There are many different styles of chest drawers. Some are small and narrow, while others are tall and wide. Most styles have at least five drawers, and the bottom part has a shelf for storing toiletries and other items. Chests of drawers are versatile pieces of furniture and make a great addition to any bedroom.

Classic chests of drawers often feature a top-mounted mirror. Typical chests of drawers are four or five drawers deep and can have intricate or simple interior designs. They can be made from dark wood or light wood, depending on the style. A good way to choose a style is to look online for photos and descriptions.

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Chests of drawers can be a great place to display your favorite art or collectibles. For best results, hang larger pieces eight inches above the surface. Smaller objects, such as trinkets, can add visual interest without cluttering the surface area. You can also use small accents to enhance the overall look of your chest of drawers.

Chests of drawers were first made with drawers in the base, then progressively evolved to have a single large drawer on top. By the 1680s, they were completely made of drawers. Early chests featured three long drawers of varying depths. The top half had two short drawers with flat slides. Sometimes, a single small pull handle was also included. Chests of drawers were usually mounted on a bun or ball feet, or on stands made of stretchers. Drawer pulls were made of brass, and were usually decorated with escutcheons.

A chest of drawers can be used as storage in your living room or office cabin to keep things organized. Its drawers can store stationery, flowers, and other items. Chests of drawers also make excellent places to display photos and flower vases. Buying storage drawers online is convenient and can save you time and money. There are many great options to choose from, and it pays to do a bit of research. Buying online also gives you the peace of mind that you’ve made a reliable purchase.

Chests of drawers vary in price, with the average price for a plastic model starting at 1,229 AED. The price of a chest of drawers depends on the materials used, size, and features. If you want a cheaper chest of drawers, choose a more basic piece of furniture.


When purchasing a chest of drawers, consider your specific needs and wants. You should create a checklist of must-have features, and stick to it when looking at different types. You don’t want to end up paying too much for features that are not absolutely necessary. You also don’t want to end up with a cheap chest that’s missing some essential features.