Match Luxury modular Sofa

AED 2,999.00 Starting From: AED 1,599.00


Customers who are living in multi-story building, please take measurement of services lift before placing order for this item.


Match Luxury Modular Sofa – a versatile and customizable addition to your living space. The Match sofa belongs to a family of modular sofas, allowing you to create various seating compositions. Its design features a lower armchair and an elevated armrest, combining simplicity and elegance. With different module widths and depths available, you can choose the perfect size for your needs.

Additionally, there is a wide selection of fabric and leather options to suit your style. The sofa offers a comfortable sitting height of 40cm and a choice of sitting depths between 62cm and 72cm. elevate your living area with the Match Luxury Modular Sofa and enjoy a personalized and stylish seating experience.

Match Luxury Modular Sofa Features

  • Modular design to create various seating compositions
  • Lower armchair and elevated armrest for a simple and elegant look
  • Different module widths and depths to fit any space
  • Fabric and leather options to match any style
  • Comfortable sitting height of 40cm


  • 3-seater: 240 W x 170 D x 75 H


Note that color variances in the products can vary because of color combinations on the monitor or screen. We recommend looking at our products in our catalog or store to confirm the product’s actual color.


Beige, Gray, Navy blue, Black


240 W x 170 D x 75 H


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